Influence of Heat Treatment Conditions on the Magnetoresistive Properties of Three-layer Structures Fe0,2Co0,8/Cu/Fe0,2Co0,8

Authors D.I. Saltykov , Yu.O. Shkurdoda , I.Yu. Protsenko

Sumy State University, 2, Rimsky Korsakov Str., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine

Issue Volume 10, Year 2018, Number 4
Dates Received 16 April 2018; revised manuscript received 14 August 2018; published online 25 August 2018
Citation D.I. Saltykov, Yu.O. Shkurdoda, I.Yu. Protsenko, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 10 No 4, 04031 (2018)
PACS Number(s), 68.60.Bs, 75.47.De
Keywords Giant magnetoresistance, Anisotropic magnetoresistance, Thickness of non-magnetic layer, Measure temperature, Step-by-step annealing.

The influence of heat treatment conditions on the magnetoresistive properties of three - layer structures based on Fe0,2Co0,8 alloy (dF = 10-30 nm) with a copper layer (dN = 5-10 nm) was investigated. It is shown that the GMR effect is observed at dN = 5-10 nm, and its maximum value (up to 2 %) is fixed at the same thickness of the magnetic layers and dCu ≅ 5 nm. It is established that in the case of step-by-step thermomagnetic annealing for all samples, there is a transition from GMR to AMR. In case of direct annealing to 700 K, the specified transition is not fixed. The dependences of the amplitude value of GMR on the thickness of the non-magnetic layer and the measurement temperature are obtained.

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