About journal site


Web-site of the Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics is a full-service portal that supports communication and file-transfer between the Editorial Office, authors, reviewers and readers. In particular, it provides:

  • access to the full-text articles (original papers and English versions as well) via easy-to-use Web-interface;
  • access to the information and appropriative paper preparation tools;
  • electronic paper submission service;
  • sending of submitted papers to referees and uploading of their reports via easy-to-use Web-interface;
  • possibility of restricted communication between referees and authors with referee confidentiality maintenance;
  • possibility of professional discussion about scientific and management problems for interested scientists (and other persons) on the forum;
  • access to the feedback form (in construction).

All provided services are free, but only registered users have access to the above-mentioned services. The registration procedure is free as well.