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2077-6772 (Print); 2306-4277 (Online)

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№ 15451-4023 ПР (Ukraine)


Sumy State University (Sumy, Ukraine)

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J. Nano- Electron. Phys.

Benefits for authors:

  • no page charges (except publications of conference proceedings, where the price is set additionally by agreements) ;
  • all articles are freely available on-line;
  • possibility of the paper submission in English, Ukrainian, or Russian;
  • free and professional translation of Russian and Ukrainian papers into English, and free on-line distribution of English versions;
  • rapid publication (median receipt-to-publication time of papers is not more than four months);
  • issue period is not more than three months;
  • electronic submission of papers via easy-to-use Web-interface;
  • presentable appearance of the print and on-line versions of articles;
  • DOI assignment to the journal content.
  • provision of a quick and easy reference linking;
  • good service and attention to all authors;
  • electronic reviewing and possibility of communication between the authors and anonymous referees via easy-to-use Web-interface (under construction).

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Editorial board now is working on:

  • indexing of the articles in the leading scientific databases and abstracting services (PubMed, et al.);

Open Archive Initiative

Since the Editorial Team of the Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics support the open acsess initiative, the dissemination of the published results is one of main aims. To this end, the metadata of all articles is transferred to electronic libraries catalogues and harvesters, including resources, which support the OAI-MPH protocol (Worldcat.orgessuir.sumdu.edu.ua, etc.). The number of such resources is permanently grown. Journal is opened for collaboration with any other resources. The article metadata is available by the following link jnep.sumdu.edu.ua/oai2.

The journal topics

Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics publishes papers, which have not been previously published and are not submitted for publication elsewhere, and which contain the original results of experimental or theoretical investigations in the field of physics and astronomy, material science, condensed matter physics, radiation and irradiation, and investigations aimed at the development of the mathematical methods of the processes and phenomena description in specified fields as well.

Journal subject area:

  • physical properties of film and nanostructured materials;
  • physics of nano-sized objects;
  • development of experimental investigation techniques in condensed matter physics;
  • description methods of dynamical systems and nonequilibrium processes;
  • generation and propagation of microwave electromagnetic and optical radiation;
  • electron and ion beam physics.

Thematic Orientation:

  • 104 - Physical and Astronomy;
  • 105 - Applied Physics and Nanomaterials;

Reviewing of the Journal

Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics is peer-reviewed journal.



Editorial Office Address: 2, Rymsky-Korsakov Str., 40007, Sumy, Ukraine, Sumy State University, Editorial Office of the Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics
E-mail: jnep@sumdu.edu.ua
Editor-in-chief: Protsenko Ivan Yuhymovych
Telephone: + 380 542 33 56 12
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Managing Editor: Odnodvorets Larysa Valentynivna
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