Submission and publishing

Editorial Team of the Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics appreciates the authors and their time. Therefore the manuscript submission is utterly simple, and the number of accompanying documents is minimum. To publish Your article in our Journal you need to satisfy the following requirement.

  1. Prepare the manuscript in accordance with the general framework of the scientific articles and with the research profile of our Journal. To this end the special article's template is obligatory to use. This template you can download from the Journal's website here.
  2. Use the e-submission and upload the manuscript file via the easy-to-use web interface. To have access you should be registered (or authorized) on the Journal website.
  3. Submit the photocopy of the Assignment of copyright form signed by the authors together with the manuscript file. Other documentation as well as the hard copies of the manuscript is not required.
  4. Complete the peer-reviewing procedure and receive the positive referees' reports as well as the technical expert report.
  5. Receive the Proof Copy from Editorial Team, check it and inform the Editorial Team about your corrections.