X-ray Analysis of Samples Containing the Nanoparticles Compounds of Cadmium

Authors S.Yu. Kapitula1, B.D. Nechiporuk1, N.B. Danilevskaya2, B.A. Tatarin2

1 Rivne State Humanitarian University, 31, Ostafova Str., 33028 Rivne, Ukraine

2 Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University, 13, Prosp. Voli, 43025 Lutsk, Ukraine

Е-mail kapitulaserhiy@gmail.com
Issue Volume 7, Year 2015, Number 3
Dates Received 18 May 2015; revised manuscript received 13 October 2015; published online 20 October 2015
Citation S.Yu. Kapitula, B.D. Nechiporuk, N.B. Danilevskaya, B.A. Tatarin, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 7 No 3, 03050 (2015)
PACS Number(s) 61.05.С, 61.46.Df, 61.82.Fk
Keywords Cadmium Hydroxide, Cadmium Carbonate, XRD (78) , Structure factor, Multiplicity, pLG, Space group.
Annotation It is shown the possibility of production of the nanoparticles compounds cadmium electrolyte method using cadmium electrode and table salt as an electrolyte. When the temperature of the electrolyte 98 ºC obtained nanoparticle CdCO3, β-Cd (OH)2 and γ-Cd (OH)2 dimensions which are estimated by the formula Debye-Šerrera at 22 nm, 21 nm 19 nm respectively. The contents of the data of the compounds was determined by the XRD method. Analysis of the influence of synthesis conditions on the content of cadmium Carbonate.

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