About Modifying Influence of Iron on Aluminum Vacuum Condensates

Authors E.V. Lutsenko, O.V. Sobol’ , A.I. Zybkov

National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute», 21, Frunze Str., 61002 Kharkiv, Ukraine

Е-mail lutsenkoev@mail.ru
Issue Volume 7, Year 2015, Number 3
Dates Received 28 July 2015; revised manuscript received 15 October 2015; published online 20 October 2015
Citation E.V. Lutsenko, O.V. Sobol’, A.I. Zybkov, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 7 No 3, 03042 (2015)
PACS Number(s) 64.75.St, 68.35.Fx, 68.37.Lp, 81.07.Bc, 81.15.Ef, 82.80.Ef
Keywords Adsorption (9) , Segregation, Monolayer (4) , Vacuum condensates, Nanostructure (18) , Intermetallide, Al-Fe, Grain size (4) .
Annotation The concentration dependences of grain size of aluminum condensates containing from 1 to 7 at % iron which were condensed at fixed process conditions were obtained and analyzed. It is shown that the grains of aluminum matrix can be reduced to the nanometer size by adding iron atoms in an amount of 1-2 at. %. A theoretical model according to which the dispersion of the grain structure is caused by the formation of adsorbed monolayers of iron atoms on the surface of aluminum growing grains was used. The results are found to be in reasonable agreement with theoretical estimates.

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