Spin Waves in a Ferromagnetic Film with a Periodic System of Antidots

Authors V.V. Kulish

National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”, 37, Peremogy Prosp., 03056 Kyiv, Ukraine

Issue Volume 7, Year 2015, Number 1
Dates Received 10 October 2014; published online 25 March 2015
Citation V.V. Kulish, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 7 No 1, 01020 (2015)
PACS Number(s) 62.23.St, 75.30.Ds, 75.75. + a
Keywords Spin waves, Nanomagnetism, Thin magnetic film, Antidot, Dipole-exchange theory.
Annotation In the paper, spin waves in a thin film (composed of a uniaxial ferromagnet) with a two-dimensional periodical system of antidots are studied. The film ferromagnet is considered to have the “easy axis” type. To describe such waves, the magnetostatic approximation with account for the magnetic dipole-dipole interaction, the exchange interaction and the anisotropy effects is used. For such waves, an equation for the magnetic potential is derived; for the case of remote antidots, the dispersion relation and the transverse wavenumber spectrum are found. For the case of a film thin compared to the exchange length and for the case of a film bounded by a high-conductivity metal, the longitudinal wavenumber spectrum and the frequency spectrum of such spin waves are also obtained.

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