Negative Photodielectric Effect in Structures Fullerene Film / Film of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal

Authors A.F. Shevchuk1, A.V. Koval’chuk2

2 Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, 2, Nemirovich-Danchenko Str., 01011 Kyiv, Ukraine

Е-mail [email protected]
Issue Volume 7, Year 2015, Number 1
Dates Received 01 October 2014; published online 25 March 2015
Citation A.F. Shevchuk, A.V. Koval’chuk, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 7 No 1, 01015 (2015)
PACS Number(s) 61.30.Eb, 61.30.Pq, 77.84.Nh
Keywords Ferroelectric liquid crystal, Fullerene (4) , Dielectric permittivity.
Annotation This paper presents the research results of light influence on the dielectric properties of the structure fullerene film C60 / film of ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC). It is experimentally shown that in the chiral smectic phase of FLC, unlike other phases, lighting of structures leads to a decrease in capacity (negative photodielectric effect). The mechanism of this effect is offered. On the basis of obtained data, the explanation of the positive photodielectric effect, which has been found in the work for studying [1] of colloidal solution FLC + 43 wt. % mixture of fullerenes C60 + C70, is given.

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