Luminescence of Single Crystals Cadmium Bromide Doped with Impurities of Argentum

Authors N.V. Stetsyk1 , V.G. Antonyuk1 , M.M.Rudka2

1 Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, 50, Drahomanova Str., 79005 Lviv, Ukraine

2 Polytechnic National University, 12, St. Bandera Str., 79013 Lviv, Ukraine

Issue Volume 6, Year 2014, Number 2
Dates Received 29 October 2013; published online 20 June 2014
Citation N.V. Stetsyk, V.G. Antonyuk, M.M.Rudka, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 6 No 2, 02001 (2014)
PACS Number(s) 78.55.Fv, 78.60.Kn, 78.60.Ya, 87.53.Dq
Keywords Layered crystals, Luminescence (24) , Cadmium bromide, Photochromic impurities.
Annotation Temperature behaviors of X-ray luminescence (XL or RL), photoluminescence (PL), and thermoluminescence (TL) were studied in CdBr2 : Ag+ single crystals from room temperature to liquid nitrogen temperature. The luminescence is practically absent in the interband (including X-rays) excitation crystals CdBr2 : Ag+, but manifested in the excitation light from the region 3.68 eV. In this region of the spectrum selective absorption band of silver impurity centers is observed. It was found that the crystals CdBr2 : Ag+ are sensitive to the action of X-rays and ultraviolet light through the flow of photochemical reactions (FHR) in these crystals.

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