Structural, Magnetic and Magnetoresistive Properties of Ternary Film Ni-Fe-Co Alloy

Authors Ia.M. Lytvynenko1, I.M. Pazukha1, V.V. Bibyk2

1 Sumy State University, 2, Rimsky Korsakov Str., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine

2 Konotop Institute of Sumy State University, 24, Myr Str., 41615 Konotop, Ukraine

Issue Volume 6, Year 2014, Number 2
Dates Received 10 February 2014; revised manuscript received 25 March 2014; published online 20 June 2014
Citation Ia.M. Lytvynenko, I.M. Pazukha, V.V. Bibyk, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 6 No 2, 02014 (2014)
PACS Number(s) 68.37.Lp, 68.55.Nq, 75.55.Cn
Keywords Magnetoresistive properties (2) , Magnetoresistance (6) , Hysteresis (2) , Magnetic anisotropy, Coercive force (2) , Magnetization axis, Saturation field.
Annotation The results of the experimental studies of the structural and phase state, magnetic and magnetoresistive properties of thin films of Ni-Fe-Co alloy with the initial concentration of components сNi  40, сFe  10, and сCo  50 at.% in the annealing temperature range of Тa  300-1000 K are presented. It is shown that as-deposited alloy films have a two-phase structure fcc-Ni3Fe + hcp-Co. The fcc-phase with the lattice parameter of 0,354 nm, which corresponds to Ni-Fe-Co solid solution, is observed after heat treatment at 900 K. Thin films based on Ni-Fe and Co exhibit anisotropic magnetoresistance with the highest value (0,35%) observed in the perpendicular measurement geometry. The value of magnetoresistance tends to rise with increasing annealing temperature. The results of the magnetic and magnetoresistive measurements indicate the presence of the easy axis of magnetization in plane of the sample.

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