Effect of ZrO2 Dielectric over the DC Characteristics and Leakage Suppression in AlGaN/InGaN/GaN DH MOS-HEMT

Authors V. Sandeep, J. Charles Pravin

Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, Virudhunagar, Tamil Nadu, India

Е-mail jcharlespravin@gmail.com
Issue Volume 13, Year 2021, Number 4
Dates Received 16 April 2021; revised manuscript received 11 August 2021; published online 20 August 2021
Citation V. Sandeep, J. Charles Pravin, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 13 No 4, 04007 (2021)
DOI https://doi.org/10.21272/jnep.13(4).04007
PACS Number(s) 73.40. – c, 85.30.Pq
Keywords AlGaN/GaN, Double heterostructure, MOS-HEMT, InGaN (5) , ZrO2 (4) , Capacitance (8) , Threshold voltage (15) .

The device performance of AlGaN/InGaN/GaN Double Heterostructure Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor High Electron Mobility Transistor (DH MOS-HEMT) upon using 10 nm thick Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2) as dielectric is studied here. Oxide dielectrics play an important role in forming Two-Dimensional Electron Gas (2DEG). An analytical model is proposed for evaluating the charge density, carrier concentration, drain current, transconductance, and gate capacitance of the device. ZrO2 based DH MOS-HEMTs display exceptional performances such as maximum drain current density (IDmax) and transconductance (gmmax) in comparison to InGaN based HEMTs. Due to the high-quality 2DEG ace between ZrO2 and the AlGaN barrier layer, the MOS-HEMT demonstrates excellent carrier concentrations and gate capacitances. Also, electrostatic analysis at various interfaces is carried out and the impact of InGaN layer thickness over the 2DEG enhancement is investigated. An exceptional agreement is formed between the experimental results from the literature and the produced outputs. Incorporating a strong high-k dielectric material like ZrO2 results in an effective leakage suppression in the range of 10 – 7 mA/mm. The results show that the device could be a feasible solution for both high-power switching and microwave applications.

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