Method for the Determination of Magnetoelastic and Elastic Constants of Weak Ferromagnets

Authors A.P. Kuzmenko1 , E.A. Zhukov2, A.V. Kaminsky2, V.I. Zhukova3 , M.E. Adamova2

1 Southwest State University, 94, 50 Let Octyabtya Str., 305040 Kursk, Russia

2 Pacific National University, 136, Tihookeanskaja Str., 680035 Khabarovsk, Russia

3 Far Eastern State Transport University, 47, Serysheva St., 680021 Khabarovsk, Russia

Issue Volume 5, Year 2013, Number 4
Dates Received 08 October 2013; published online 10 December 2013
Citation A.P. Kuzmenko, E.A. Zhukov, A.V. Kaminsky, et al., J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 5 No 4, 04043 (2013)
PACS Number(s) 75.50.Ee, 72.55.– s
Keywords Flexible vibrations; Lamb waves; Weak ferromagnets; Resonant frequency, Iron borate (3) , Magnetoacoustic interaction, Magnetoelastic constants.
Annotation Excitation of flexible vibrations in weak ferromagnets plaes in an external magnetic field is experimentally investigated. It is proposed to use dependence of resonant frequencies on a magnetic field for tunable source of flexural vibrations.

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