High Second-Order Nonlinear Susceptibility Induced in GaN/AlxGa1 – xN Coupled Quantum Well for Infrared Photodectors Application

Authors A. Elkadadra, D. Abouelaoualim, A. Oueriagli, A. Outzourhit

LPSCM, Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences Semlalia Cadi Ayaad University P.O. Box 2390, 40000 Marrakech, Morocco

Е-mail abouelaoualim_d@hotmail.com
Issue Volume 4, Year 2012, Number 2
Dates Received 22 January 2012; published online 07 May 2012
Citation A. Elkadadra, D. Abouelaoualim, A. Oueriagli, A. Outzourhit, J. Nano-Electron. Phys. 4 No 2, 02002 (2012)
PACS Number(s) 2.65.Ky, 85.60 – q
Keywords Second-harmonic generation, Wurtzite quantum well, Strain-induced piezoelectric, Density matrix approach, Numerov method.
Annotation The second harmonic generation (SHG) of GaAs/AlxGa1 − xAs a wurtzite coupled quantum wells (CQWs) is studied theoretically for different widths of well, barrier and values Al concentration, taking into account the strain-induced piezoelectric (PZ) effects. The analytical expression of the SHG susceptibility is deduced by using the compact density matrix approach. The confined wave functions and energies of electrons GaN/AlxGA1 – x N are calculated in the effective-mass approximation, solving the Schrödinger equation by Numerov’s method using six order approximations for the derivatives. The calculated results also reveal that by adjusting the widths of well, the barrier and Al concentration respectively, a set of optimal structural parameters can be found for obtaining a strong SHG susceptibility.

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