Investigation and Design of Novel Comparator in Quantum-dot Cellular Automata Technology

Authors Ramin Mokhtarii, Abdalhossein Rezai

ACECR Institute of Higher Education, Isfahan Branch, Isfahan 84175-443, Iran

Issue Volume 10, Year 2018, Number 5
Dates Received 11 July 2018; revised manuscript received 22 October 2018; published online 29 October 2018
Citation Ramin Mokhtarii, Abdalhossein Rezai, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 10 No 5, 05014 (2018)
PACS Number(s) 81.07.Ta, 85.35.Be
Keywords Nanotechnology (6) , Quantum-dot cellular automata (2) , Comparator, QCADesigner (3) , Combinational logic (2) .

Quantum-dot cellular automata (QCA) technology is one of attractive emerging technologies that are suitable for low-power, and ultra-dense digital circuit’s development. QCA Comparator plays an important role in the digital circuits. In this study, a new QCA comparator architecture is presented. This new architecture is carefully designed using three 3-input majority gates. The proposed QCA comparator architecture is simulated by using the QCADesigner tool version 2.0.3. The designed QCA comparator has 29 cells and the occupied area by circuit is 0.04 µm2. The results demonstrate that the developed QCA comparator architecture provides an improvement compared to other QCA comparator architectures in terms of the number of required cells.

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