Tunnel Effect in Widezone Crystals with Proton Conductivity

Authors V.M. Timokhin

Admiral Ushakov Maritime State University, 93, Lenin Av., 353918 Novorossiysk, Russia

Issue Volume 6, Year 2014, Number 3
Dates Received 19 May 2014; published online 15 July 2014
Citation V.M. Timokhin, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 6 No 3, 03048 (2014)
PACS Number(s) 77.22.Ej, 77.22.Gm, 78.30. – j, 78.60.Kn, 61.72.Hh
Keywords Proton conductors, Thermally stimulated currents, NMR and IR-spectra, Tunneling (9) , Hydrogen bonds.
Annotation The spectrum of thermally stimulated depolarization currents, dielectric losses, thermally stimulated luminescence, IR transmission and absorption spectra and NMR-spectra of protons in widezone hydrogen-bonded crystals had been investigated. The lines caused by protons and proton defects hesitations had been discovered in IR- spectra. In the NMR spectra revealed peaks corresponding to two non-equivalent protons. The influence of transport and tunneling of protons on the spectra of the investigated parameters is discussed. There is considered the quantum-mechanical approach to the tunneling of protons where the transparence of barrier and de Broglie wavelength had been determined.

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