Use of a Mixture of Gases (C2H2 + N2) to Obtain High-strength Molybdenum-based Carbonyl Nitride Coatings

Authors В.М. Beresnev1, О.V. Sobol’2, A.D. Pogrebnyak3, S.V. Litovchenko1, A.A. Meylekhov2, U.S. Nemchenko1, V.A. Stolbovoy4 , N.S. Evtushenko1, D.A. Kolesnikov5, M.G.Kovaleva5, B.A. Mazilin1, L.V. Malikov6, Z.M. Protsenko7, I.V. Doshchechkina8

1 V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, 4, Svoboda Sq., 61022 Kharkiv, Ukraine

2 National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute», 21, Kyrpychov Str., 61002 Kharkiv, Ukraine

3 Sumy State University, 2, R.-Korsakov Str., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine

4 National Science Centre «Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology», 1, Akademichna Str., 61108 Kharkiv, Ukraine

5 Belgorod National Research University, 85, Pobeda Str., 308015, Belgorod, Russia

6 Science Сentre of Physics and Technology of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 6, Svobody Sq., 61022 Kharkiv, Ukraine

7 A.S. Makarenko Sumy State Pedagogical University, 87, Romens’ka Str., 40001 Sumy, Ukraine

8 Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University, 25, Ya. Mudryi Str., 61200 Kharkiv, Ukraine

Issue Volume 9, Year 2017, Number 5
Dates Received 12 July 2017; revised manuscript received 13 September 2017; published online 16 October 2017
Citation В.М. Beresnev, О.V. Sobol’, A.D. Pogrebnyak, et al., J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 9 No 5, 05043 (2017)
DOI 10.21272/jnep.9(5).05043
PACS Number(s) 52.77.Dq, 81.07.Bc, 61.82.Rx
Keywords Gas mixture, Vacuum-arc evaporation, Elemental composition (2) , Pressure (12) , Phase composition (3) , Structure (105) , Nanocrystallites, Superhardness, Scratch testing.
Annotation The effect of working pressure and the components correlation of the gas mixture (C2H2+N2) to the elemental and phase compositions, the structure and physical and mechanical characteristics of the vacuum-arc coatings formed based on tungsten are studied. It is shown that for high-temperature application, nitrides are less preferable in comparison with carbides. In the temperature range of deposition 400-550 °С, the maximum content of nitrogen atoms in the coating does not exceed 1.5 at.% as a result of plasma-chemical reactions with a gas atmosphere composition of 80% C2H2+20% N2. For a composition of 40% C2H2+60% N2, the maximum N/C ratio (in at.%) increases to 10.5% at a maximum pressure of 310 – 3 Torr. The relative content of nitrogen atoms increases with increasing pressure of the mixture. Plasma-chemical reactions during precipitation in a mixture of gases lead to the formation of phases with a nanometer-sized crystallite and a phase composition based on -MoC (80% C2H2+20% N2) and -MoC and -Mo2N phases (with a smaller content of C2H2 (40% C2H2+60% N2) in the gas mixture It is established that the determining factor for increasing the hardness is the working pressure of the gas mixture during deposition. With the greatest pressure of 310 – 3 Torr, when the texture of nanocrystallites of molybdenum carbide (-MoC) is formed [100] an ultrahard state with a hardness of 50.5 GPa is achieved.

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