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Title Effect of Gate Length Scaling on Various Performance Parameters in DG-FinFETs: a Simulation Study
Authors Rakesh Vaid, Meenakshi Chandel
Issue Volume 4, Year 2012, Number 3
Pages 03007-1 - 03007-6
Title Study of Short Channel Effects in n-FinFET Structure for Si, GaAs, GaSb and GaN Channel Materials
Authors Tawseef A. Bhat, M. Mustafa, M.R. Beigh
Issue Volume 7, Year 2015, Number 3
Pages 03010-1 - 03010-5
Title Effects of High-k Dielectrics with Metal Gate for Electrical Characteristics of SOI TRI-GATE FinFET Transistor
Authors Fatima Zohra Rahou, A.Guen Bouazza, B. Bouazza
Issue Volume 8, Year 2016, Number 4
Pages 04037-1 - 04037-4
Title Simulation and Performance Analysis of 32 nm FinFet based 4-Bit Carry Look Adder
Authors S. Rashid, S. Khan, A. Singh,
Issue Volume 9, Year 2017, Number 5
Pages 05003-1 - 05003-4
Title Electrical Сharacterization of Ge-FinFET Transistor Based on Nanoscale Channel Dimensions
Authors Ahmed Mahmood, Waheb A. Jabbar, Yasir Hashim, Hadi Bin Manap
Issue Volume 11, Year 2019, Number 1
Pages 01011-1 - 01011-5
Title Impact of the High-K Dielectric Material as Spacer on Analog and RF Performance of the GS-DG-FinFET
Authors A. Pattnaik, Sruti S. Singh, S.K. Mohapatra
Issue Volume 11, Year 2019, Number 6
Pages 06028-1 - 06028-7
Title Numerical Simulation of FinFET Transistors Parameters
Authors І.P. Buryk, A.O. Golovnia, M.M. Ivashchenko, L.V. Odnodvorets
Issue Volume 12, Year 2020, Number 3
Pages 03005-1 - 03005-4
Title Effect of High-k Dielectric Materials on Short Channel Effects of a 14 nm Tri-Gate SOI FinFET for Reduced Area on Chip
Authors S. Nanda, R.S. Dhar
Issue Volume 13, Year 2021, Number 3
Pages 03015-1 - 03015-4
Title Impact of High-k Dielectric Materials on Short Channel Effects in Tri-gate SOI FinFETs
Authors Zohmingmawia Renthlei, Swagat Nanda, Rudra Sankar Dhar
Issue Volume 13, Year 2021, Number 5
Pages 05013-1 - 05013-6
Title Si- and Ge-FinFET Inverter Circuits Optimization Based on Driver to Load Transistor Fin Ratio
Authors Yasir Hashim, Safwan Mawlood Hussein
Issue Volume 13, Year 2021, Number 6
Pages 06011-1 - 06011-4
Title Evaluation of Device Fabrication from FET to CFET: A Review
Authors J. Lakshmi Prasanna, M. Ravi Kumar, Ch. Priyanka, Chella Santhosh
Issue Volume 13, Year 2021, Number 6
Pages 06030-1 - 06030-8
Title Improvement Analysis of Leakage Currents with Stacked High-k/Metal Gate in 10 nm Strained Channel HOI FinFET
Authors Payal Kumari, Swagat Nanda, Priyanka Saha, Rudra Sankar Dhar
Issue Volume 14, Year 2022, Number 2
Pages 02004-1 - 02004-4