Magnetic Properties and Local Parameters of Crystal Structure for BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19 Hexagonal Ferrites

Authors M.N. Shipko1,2 , V.G. Kostishyn1 , V.V. Korovushkin1 , I.M. Isaev1, M.A. Stepovich3, A.I. Tikhonov2, E.S. Savchenko1

1 National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”, 4, Leninskiy pr., 119049 Moscow, Russia

2 Lenin Ivanovo State Power University, 34, Rabfakovskaya st., 153003 Ivanovo, Russia

3 Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State University, 26, Stepan Razin st., 248023 Kaluga, Russia

Issue Volume 8, Year 2016, Number 3
Dates Received 17 May 2016; published online 03 October 2016
Citation M.N. Shipko, V.G. Kostishyn, V.V. Korovushkin, et al., J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 8 No 3, 03004 (2016)
DOI 10.21272/jnep.8(3).03004
PACS Number(s) 75.50.Gg, 75.75. + a, 76.80. + y, 81.20. – n
Keywords Hexagonal ferrites, Crystal structure (8) , Mössbauer spectroscopy (3) , X-Ray diffraction (19) , Solid phase reactions, Vacancies (4) , Diffusion (11) .
Annotation It is shown that difference between magnetic properties of hexagonal ferrites BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19 is connected with difference of electronic configurations of Ba2+ and Sr2+ ions, and their ionic radii. Replacement of Ba2+ ions by Sr2+ ions that are smaller in size effects the degree of distortions of octahedrons located either in a hexagonal R-block or at its boundary with S-block. It contributes to a preferred localization of electrically active vacancies at the boundary of R- and S-blocks or in a surface layer of crystallites, and provides residual polarization of ferrites with hexagonal structure.

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