Calculations of Refractive Index Using Optical Band Gap: TiO2 Spray Pyrolysis Thin Films

Authors R.A. Zargar1, Muzaffar Iqbal Khan1, Tuiba Mearaj2, Faisal Bashir3, Yassar Arfat4, Joginder Singh5, 6 , Kuldeep Kumar7

1Department of Physics, BGSBU, 185234 Rajouri (J&K), India

2Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, JMI, 10025 New Delhi, India

3Department of Electronics and Intstrumentation Technology, Kashmir University, 190006 Srinagar (J&K), India

4Department of Electrical Engineering, BGSBU, 185234 Rajouri (J&K), India

5Department of Physics, GDC-Nowshera, 185151 Rajouri, India

6Department of Physics, JJT University, 333001 Rajasthan, India

7Department of Physics, GDC Akhnoor, 181201 India

Issue Volume 16, Year 2024, Number 1
Dates Received 15 December 2023; revised manuscript received 15 February 2024; published online 28 February 2024
Citation R.A. Zargar, Muzaffar Iqbal Khan, et al., J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 16 No 1, 01008 (2024)
PACS Number(s) 42.62.Fi, 61.46. – W, 77.22. – d
Keywords TiO2 (17) , Spray pyrolysis (9) , Band gap (29) , Refractive index (3) .

Spray pyrolysis technique has been applied to deposit a broad range of thin films, which are used in various devices such as solar cells, sensors, and solid oxide fuel cells. Spray pyrolysis is one of the most common, inexpensive, simple, and quite versatile methods used for synthesizing submicron and spherical-shaped luminescent materials multicomponent oxide thin films. In this paper, spray pyrolysis TiO2 thin films has been deposited on glass substrates and kept at different temperature to reveal its optical properties by the help of UV-visible spectroscopy. Refractive index (n) of TiO2 thin films as wide semiconductor has been calculated using optical energy gap (Eg). The calculated values of refractive index from the new relations have been compared with the values reported by different researchers; an excellent agreement has been obtained between them. The material identification was confirmed from X-ray diffraction techniques and first derivative of transmission spectra’s has been plotted that gives band gap value of films respectively.

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