Investigation on Electrical and Structural Properties of Manganese Dioxide Nanoparticles

Authors S.C. Vella Durai1 , E. Kumar2, D. Muthuraj3, V. Bena Jothy4

1Department of Physics, JP College of Arts and Science, Agarakattu, Tenkasi, Tamilnadu, India

2School of Science, Department of Physics, Tamil Nadu Open University, Chennai. Tamilnadu, India

3PG and Research Department of Physics, The M.D.T Hindu College, Tirunelveli. Tamilnadu, India

4Department of Physics & Research Center, Women’s Christian College, Nagarcoil. Tamilnadu, India

Issue Volume 12, Year 2020, Number 3
Dates Received 08 January 2020; revised manuscript received 15 June 2020; published online 25 June 2020
Citation S.C. Vella Durai, E. Kumar, D. Muthuraj, V. Bena Jothy, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 12 No 3, 03011 (2020)
PACS Number(s) 61.05.cp, 61.46.Df, 51.70. + f, 72.80.Jc, 72.80. – r
Keywords Nanoparticles (70) , Microwave (8) , Temperature (45) , Impedance (12) , Frequency (15) .

Crystalline manganese dioxide (MnO2) was prepared by microwave assisted solution method using sodium hydroxide as an agent. Electric conductivity, electric modulus and dielectric properties of MnO2 nanoparticles were analyzed by AC Impedance spectroscopy in the frequency range 1 to 8 MHz and temperature range in-between 273 K to 423 K. Conductivity of MnO2 increases with increasing frequency. Temperature dependence of the nanoparticle conductivity was found to obey the Arrhenius plot, activation energy is – 0.088 eV. The maximum conductivity is found to be 311.79 S/cm at a particular temperature of 298 K. The conformed non-Debye type behavior in the MnO2 materials is analyzed through modulus analysis and dielectric spectra. The modulus and dielectric spectra confirmed the relaxation process. Dielectric constant and dielectric loss were found from the dielectric spectral analysis. The dielectric constant was constant at high frequency region and varied at low frequency region. The dielectric constant is found to be – 1211 at a particular temperature of 298 K in very low frequency region. The dielectric loss also was constant at high frequencies in all temperature conditions and varied at low frequency region. Structure of MnO2 nanoparticles has been analyzed by powder X-ray diffraction method. The powder XRD results revealed that the prepared nanoparticles sample was crystalline with a tetragonal phase. Average crystallite size is found to be around 20 nm using Scherrer formula.

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