Electroconductive and Polarization Properties of Inorganic-organic MCM-41 (PTHQ) Encapsulant

Authors F.O. Ivashchyshyn1,2, G.V. Baryshnikov3, R. Galagan3, V. Litvin3 , D. Calus1, R.Ya. Shvets2, P. Chabecki1, N.T. Pokladok2

1Politechnika Częstochowska, 17, Al. Armii Krajowej, 42200 Czestochowa, Poland

2Lviv Polytechnic National University, 12, Bandera St., 79013 Lviv, Ukraine

3Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University, Blvd. Shevchenko 81, 18031 Cherkasy, Ukraine

Е-mail vashchyshyn@gmail.com
Issue Volume 12, Year 2020, Number 3
Dates Received 07 March 2020; revised manuscript received 15 June 2020; published online 25 June 2020
Citation F.O. Ivashchyshyn, G.V. Baryshnikov, R. Galagan, et al., J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 12 No 3, 03032 (2020)
DOI https://doi.org/10.21272/jnep.12(3).03032
PACS Number(s) 81.05.Rm
Keywords SiO2-МСМ-41, PTHQ, Intercalation (2) , Cavitand, Impedance spectroscopy (4) , Quantum battery.

The paper presents findings on the formation of inorganic-organic hybrid material МСМ-41 (PTHQ). The selection of a guest material proved to meet the condition of geometric complementarity of guest positions of a starting host matrix as to a guest cavitand component. The guest material appeared to be sensitive so that one could obtain the functional hybridity of the clathrate structure MCM-41(PTHQ). The synthesis resulted in the formation of a structure with a large area of hetero-nano networks.The research of permittivity was conducted through the method of impedance spectroscopy. An introduction of the guest component led to the splitting of the impurity energy spectrum followed by the occurrence of quantum wells. This, in turn, gave rise to oscillations that manifested in a middle-energy region of dependences ReZ((). The superimposition of a constant magnetic field significantly affects the behavior of ReZ(() in the middle-frequency region – the dependency mirroring takes place. This may suggest a certain shift in the energy spectrum in relation to the Fermi level by the constant magnetic field, as a result of which the sign of asymmetry of the density of states changes above and below the Fermi level. An assumption has been made that the asymmetry of the density of states occurs precisely due to the guest component as clearly demonstrated by thermally stimulated discharge spectra (a miniband character of a spectrum with deep quantum wells). The two-curve Nyquist diagram and given equivalent circuit with an inductive link visualize a barrier that is observed at the phase boundary. Such an increase coupled with a low value of tg( makes it possible to accumulate electric charge under the action of a magnetic field at a quantum level. Also, the paper demonstrates conditions under which synthesized nanohybrids could be attractive when used as quantum storage batteries.

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