low Temperature Effects on Electrical and Optical Properties of Vacuum Annealed Zinc Tetra- Tert- Butyl 2, 3 Naphthalocyanine Thinfilms

Authors I. Dhanya, C.S. Menon
Affiliations School of Pure and Applied Physics, Mahatma Gandhi University, Priyadarshini Hills, Kottayam, Kerala, 686 560, India
Е-mail dhanya.iv@gmail.com
Issue Volume 3, Year 2011, Number 1, Part 2
Dates Received 04 February 2011, in final form 30 April 2011, published online 08 May 2011
Citation I. Dhanya, C.S. Menon, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 3 No1, 426 (2011)
PACS Number(s) 72.80.Le, 78.66.Qn
Keywords Organic semiconductors (2) , Naphthalocyanine, Thin film (101) , Variable range hopping, Optical band gap (7) .
Electrical and optical properties of thermally evaporated vacuum annealed Zinc 2, 11, 20, 29 Tetra -Tert -Butyl 2, 3 Naphthalocyanine (ZTTBNc) thin films are studied. From the Arrhenius plot, the thermal activation energy is calculated for intrinsic and extrinsic region. Different hopping conduction parameters are tabulated using the Variable Range Hopping (VRH) model in the low temperature region. Optical absorption spectra of ZTTBNc thinfilm reveals that B bands posses the same wavelength region while Q bands shift to 165 nm from as deposited to maximum vacuum annealed sample. Further the Q band splitting is also absent for 523 K vacuum annealed thinfilm. Also ZNTTBNc thinfilms have a wide optical bandgap with a consistant trap level energy as that of any other organic semiconductors.

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