Reduced Polarizability and Local-Field Effect in Self-Assembled Ensemble of Nanoparticles

Authors S.E. Starodubtcev, N.V. Korolev, A.F. Klinskikh, P.A. Meleshenko

Voronezh State University, 1, Universitetskaya Sq., 394006 Voronezh, Russia

Issue Volume 5, Year 2013, Number 1
Dates Received 15 November 2012; revised manuscript received 18 March 2013; published online 28 March 2013
Citation S.E. Starodubtcev, N.V. Korolev, A.F. Klinskikh, P.A. Meleshenko, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 5 No 1, 01001 (2013)
PACS Number(s) 73.21.La, 78.20.Ci
Keywords Ensemble of nanoparticle, Polarizability (2) , Dielectric constant (8) , Local-field effect.
Annotation This article is focused on the studying of the local-field effect in a nanoparticle’s ensemble. We proposed a simple model of an open spherical semiconductor nanoparticle in exciton regime, which boundary is approximated by delta-potential. This approach allows us to examine the homogeneous and core-shell nanoparticles taking into account the influence of the environment. Using the reduced polarizability of a nanoparticle we developed the self-consisting method of calculation of the dielectric constant for the NP’s ensemble in a polymer matrix and analyzed the influence of the local-field effect on the optical response.

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