Cluster Beams Sources. Part 2. The Formation of Cluster Beams in Nozzle Sources

Authors A.Ju. Karpenko, V.A. Baturin

Institute of Applied Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 58, Petropavlovskaya St., Sumy 40030, Ukraine

Issue Volume 4, Year 2012, Number 4
Dates Received 26 July 2012; published online 29 December 2012
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PACS Number(s) 29.25. – t, 36.40. – c, 37.20. + j, 47.45. – n, 52.59. – f, 52.65.Yy, 61.46. – w, 81.10. – h, 81.15. – z
Keywords Cluster (16) ,  Cluster ions, Cluster beams sources, Molecular beams, Nozzle, Cluster formation, Expansion in vacuum.
The article briefly examines the processes occurring during the formation of cluster beams in sources of clusters, using the expansion of the gas mixture through a nozzle. The basic parameters of the gas cluster flow at the outlet nozzle, leading to the formation of clusters are analyzed. Some aspects of the formation of cluster beams from aerodynamic flows are discussed.

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