Adiabatic, Non-Isothermal Plume Expansion into Vacuum in Terms of Knudsen Layer

Authors F.M. Jasim, M.I. Azawe

Department of Physics, Mosul University, Mosul, Iraq

Issue Volume 4, Year 2012, Number 4
Dates Received 07 March 2012; published online 29 December 2012
Citation F.M. Jasim, M.I. Azawe, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 4 No 4, 04011 (2012)
PACS Number(s) 79.20.Eb, 73.50. – h
Keywords Femtosecond laser pulse, Thin film (101) , Gold foil, Laser plume expansion, Gas dynamics.
This article presents a theoretical analysis of laser plume formation in terms of Knudsen layer when a femtosecond laser pulse was irradiated on a thin gold foil in terms of gas dynamics equations. The laser spot was assumed to be noncircular laser spot radius, giving an ellipsoidal form of expansion. The profile of the plume will be discussed depending on the laser fluence and beam waist. Analytical solution of this expansion will be presented for the density of vapor plume.

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