Simulation of Ferrofluids in Confined Domains

Authors T.V. Lyutyy , V.V. Reva , A.Yu. Polyakov

Sumy State University, 2, Rimsky Korsakov Str., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine

Issue Volume 4, Year 2012, Number 4
Dates Received 10 December 2012; revised manuscript received 26 December 2012; published online 29 December 2012
Citation T.V. Lyutyy, V.V. Reva, A.Yu. Polyakov, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 4 No 4, 04027 (2012)
PACS Number(s) 47.65.Cb, 83.10.Mj, 75.50.Tt
Keywords Ferromagnetic fluid, Susceptibility (2) , Molecular dynamic simulation, CUDA, Barnes-Hut algorithm.
Annotation The equilibrium properties of ferromagnetic fluids are investigated using the method of molecular dynamics and techniques for parallel computing with graphics processing units. In particular, the magnetization curve and the magnetic susceptibility of such medium are studied. The influence of vessel’s shape, external fields applied in orthogonal directions, the volume fraction of particles, and the properties of the surfactant coating, which provides repulsion, are discussed. It is shown that properties of the system are determined by the nature of particles clustering, arising from the dipole interaction. It is established that internal parameters of the liquid carrier, thermal and dimensional effects determine the equilibrium properties of ferrofluids through the effects on its internal structure.

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