Decoding of the Spatial Distribution of Ionizing Radiation Sources in Systems with Coded Apertures

Authors A.A. Nikuliak

Scientific Research and Project Designing Institute “ISKRA”, 91033 Lugansk, Ukraine

Issue Volume 4, Year 2012, Number 3
Dates Received 14 May 2012; revised manuscript received 18 October 2012; published online 07 November 2012
Citation English version unavailable
PACS Number(s) 87.57.U – 
Keywords Coded apertures, Decoding software simulations.
Annotation In studying the properties of tomographic gamma - ray imaging systems with coded apertures, (gamma emission - tomography) raised the question of the influence of the interaction of gamma - radiation with matter on the quality of the reconstructed image. In this paper describes principles of the tomographical information reconstruction in systems with coded apertures, the results of the software - simulation of decoding the location of point sources of ionizing radiation in the field of view of the complete coding.

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