Electrical Characterization of Electron Beam Evaporated Cd1-xSex Thin Films

Authors S.R. Vishwakarma, A.K. Verma, R.S.N. Tripathi, Rahul
Affiliations Department of Physics & Electronics, Dr. R.M.L. Avadh University Faizabad-224001, (U.P.), India
Е-mail verma.aneet@gmail.com
Issue Volume 3, Year 2011, Number 1, Part 3
Dates Received 04 February 2011, published online 23 June 2011
Citation S.R. Vishwakarma, A.K. Verma, R.S.N. Tripathi, Rahul, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 3 No1, 558 (2011)
PACS Number(s) 81.15.Ef, 72.20.My
Keywords N-type cdse, Resistivity (11) , Hall mobility, Hall coefficient, Carrier concentration.
CdSe is an important compound semiconducting material for the development of various applications in solid state devices such as solar cells, high efficiency thin film transistors. In recent years major attention has been given to the investigation of structural properties for the improvement of performance of such devices and applications. The prepared starting materials have composition Cd1 – xSex (0.22 ≤ x ≤ 0.40) was used to fabrication of thin films. The n-type cadmium selenide thin films have been deposited by electron beam evaporation technique on well cleaned glass substrate in vacuum ~10 – 5 torr keeping substrate temperature at 300 K. The resistivity, conductivity, Hall mobility and carrier concentration of the deposited films were calculated of different compositions ratio of Cd/Se.

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