Model Evaluation the Effect of Size, Shape and Surface Condition of Apatite Nanocrystals on the Deviation of Ca / P ratio from stoichiometric

Authors S.N. Danilchenko1,2

1 Sumy State University, 2, Rimsky Korsakov Str., 40007 Sumy, Ukraine

2 Institute of Applied Physics, NAS Ukraine, 58, Petropavlovskaya Str., 40030 Sumy, Ukraine

Issue Volume 6, Year 2014, Number 1
Dates Received 29 October 2013; published online 06 April 2014
Citation S.N. Danilchenko, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 6 No 1, 01019 (2014)
PACS Number(s) 61.72.Ss, 61.30.Hn
Keywords Apatite, Са / Р ratio, Stoichiometry (2) , Surface density, Crystal size.
Annotation The causes of Са / Р ratio deviation in biological apatites from stoichiometric one were discussed. By the simple model evaluation Са / Р ratio was shown to deviate from stoichiometric one because of small sizes of crystals, and peculiarities in chemical composition of their facets. Also size effect is noted to be unsufficient for explanation of wide variations of Са / Р ratio in biological apatites. It proves the significant contribution of lattice isovalent and heterovalent substitution into variability of Са / Р ratio. The problem of revealing the predominant causes of Са / Р deviation from stoichiometric one and estimation of their relative contribution is related to determination of the functional role of the structural imperfections in biological apatites of different origin.

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