Results (10):

Title Effect of Substrate Temperature on Structural and Morphological Parameters of ZnTe Thin Films
Authors K.D. Patel, G.K. Solanki, C.J. Panchal, K.S. Hingarajiya, J.R. Gandhi
Issue Volume 3, Year 2011, Number 1, Part 1
Pages 0041 - 0046
Title Comparison of Thermal Evaporation and Plasma Assisted Thermal Evaporation Processes for Deposition of tin Oxide Thin Films
Authors C. Jariwala, T. Garg, R. Rane, N. Chauhan, P.A. Rayjada, C.J. Panchal, P.I. John
Issue Volume 3, Year 2011, Number 1, Part 2
Pages 0318 - 0322
Title Growth Structural and Optical Properties of the Thermally Evaporated tin Diselenide (SnSe2) Thin Films
Authors R. Sachdeva, M. Sharma, A. Devi, U. Parihar, N. Kumar, N. Padha, C.J. Panchal
Issue Volume 3, Year 2011, Number 1, Part 3
Pages 0507 - 0513
Title Impact of Annealing on CuInSe2 Thin Films and Its Schottky Interface
Authors U. Parihar, J.R. Ray, N. Kumar, R. Sachdeva, N. Padha, C.J. Panchal
Issue Volume 3, Year 2011, Number 1, Part 5
Pages 1086 - 1095
Title Structure and Surface Analysis of SHI Irradiated Thin Films of Cadmium Telluride
Authors Neelam Pahwa, A.D. Yadav, S.K. Dubey, A.P. Patel, Arvind Singh, D.C. Kothari
Issue Volume 4, Year 2012, Number 3
Pages 03003-1 - 03003-4
Title Preparation and Characterization of Antimony Doped Tin Oxide Thin Films Synthesized by Co-Evaporation of Sn and Sb using Plasma Assisted Thermal Evaporation
Authors C. Jariwala, M. Dhivya, R. Rane, N. Chauhan, P.A. Rayjada, P.M. Raole, P.I. John
Issue Volume 5, Year 2013, Number 2
Pages 02029-1 - 02029-4
Title Thermally Evaporated Tin Oxide Thin Film for Gas Sensing Applications
Authors Sumanta Kumar Tripathy , T.N.V. Prabhakara Rao
Issue Volume 9, Year 2017, Number 2
Pages 02019-1 - 02019-4
Title Thickness-dependent Electrochromic Properties of Amorphous Tungsten Trioxide Thin Films
Authors K.J. Patel, G.G. Bhatt, S.S. Patel, R.R. Desai, J.R. Ray, C.J. Panchal, Priya Suryavanshi, V.A. Kheraj, A.S. Opanasyuk
Issue Volume 9, Year 2017, Number 3
Pages 03040-1 - 03040-4
Title Investigation of Urbach Energy of CdS Thin Films as Buffer Layer for CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell
Authors Priya S. Suryavanshi, C.J. Panchal
Issue Volume 10, Year 2018, Number 2
Pages 02012-1 - 02012-5
Title Tin Oxide Nanostructure Fabricated by Thermal Evaporation as Potential NO2 Sensor
Authors S.M. Ingole, Y.H. Navale, A.S. Salunkh, M.A. Chougule, G.D. Khuspe, V.B. Patil
Issue Volume 12, Year 2020, Number 2
Pages 02024-1 - 02024-3