Properties of Thin Transparent SnO2:Sb Films

Authors S.L. Khrypko
Classic Private University, 70, Zhukovsky Str., 69123, Zaporizhye, Ukraine
Issue Volume 1, Year 2009, Number 1
Dates Received 21 April 2009, in final form 20 July 2009
Citation S.L. Khrypko, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 1 No1, 92 (2009)
PACS Number(s) 73.61. – r, 84.37. + q
Keywords Thin dioxide film, Resistance (15) , Mobility (10) , Charge carriers concentration, Transmission spectrum (2) .
We study the electrical and optical properties of tin dioxide films, produced by the spraying method of aqueous-alcoholic solution of tin tetrachloride with antimony trichloride addition. Results of the influence of the films deposition temperature and the antimony concentration on the resistance, the charge carriers mobility and their concentration, and transmission spectrums are presented.

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