Composite Nanostructures With Metal Components

Authors V.V. Kulish
NTUU «KPI», Physics-Technical Institute, applied physics department, 37 Peremogy prosp., 03056, Kyiv, Ukraine
Issue Volume 3, Year 2011, Number 3
Dates Received 13 May 2011, in final form 31 October 2011, published online 05 November 2011
Citation V.V. Kulish, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 3 No3, 105 (2011)
PACS Number(s) 36.40.Vz, 73.50.Pz, 78.20.Jq, 78.66.Bz, 78.67.Sc
Keywords Metal nanosystems, Optical conductivity, Plasmon resonance (2) , Nanoshells, Metal nanotubes, Nanorice, Nanoeggs, Nanocups, Multilayer nanoshells.
The paper provides an overview of the current state of theoretical and experimental investigations of the properties (mainly optical) of composite nanostructures that contain metal components, as well as of small solid metal clusters. The paper describes traditional metal nanoshells and nanotubes as well as more complex nanosystems obtained during recent years – nanorice (ellipsoidal nanoshells), nanoeggs and nanocups (nanoshells with non-concentric core), and multi-layer nanoshells - so-called nanomatryoshkas. In the work, the description of the specific properties of these nanosystems and of the existing approaches to their investigation is given. The main aspects of the technical applications of the composite nanostructures with the metal components are described.

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