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Title Structure and Properties of Vacuum Arc Single-Layer and Multiperiod Two-Layer Nitride Coatings Based on Ti(Al):Si Layers
Authors V.M. Beresnev, O.V. Sobol, A.D. Pogrebnjak, S.V. Lytovchenko, V.A. Stolbovoy, P.A. Srebniuk, V.Ju. Novikov, I.V. Doshchechkina, A.A. Meylehov, A.A. Postelnyk, U.S. Nyemchenko, B.A. Mazylin, V.V. Kruhlova
Issue Volume 9, Year 2017, Number 1
Pages 01033-1 - 01033-6
Title (TiZr)N/(TiSi)N Maitilayer Nanostructured Coatings obtained by Vacuum Arc Deposition
Authors S.V. Lytovchenko, B.А. Mazilin, V.M. Beresnev, V.А. Stolbovoy, M.G. Kovalyova, Е.V. Kritsyna, I.V. Kolodiy, О.V. Glukhov, L.V. Malikov
Issue Volume 10, Year 2018, Number 5
Pages 05041-1 - 05041-5
Title Tribotechnical Properties of (TiZr)N/(TiSi)N Multilayer Coatings with Nanometer Thickness
Authors V.M. Beresnev, S.V. Lytovchenko, D.V. Horokh, B.O. Mazilin, V.A. Stolbovoy,, I.N. Kolodiy, D.A. Kolesnikov, V.V. Grudnitsky, P.A. Srebniuk, О.V. Glukhov
Issue Volume 11, Year 2019, Number 5
Pages 05037-1 - 05037-4