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Title BSIM3v3 Characterization and Simulation of MOS Si1 – xGex Transistors with 130 nm Submicron Technology
Authors M. Hebali, M. Bennaoum, M. Benzohra, D. Chalabi, A. Saïdane
Issue Volume 11, Year 2019, Number 4
Pages 04021-1 - 04021-6
Title An Ultra-low Power, High SNM, High Speed and High Temperature of 6T-SRAM Cell in 3C-SiC 130 nm CMOS Technology
Authors D. Berbara, M. Abboun Abid, M. Hebali, M. Benzohra, D. Chalabi
Issue Volume 12, Year 2020, Number 4
Pages 04024-1 - 04024-4