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Title Size Dependence of the Melting Temperature of Metallic Films: Two Possible Scenarios
Authors V.M. Samsonov, N.Yu. Sdobnyakov, A.G. Bembel, D.N. Sokolov, N.V. Novozhilov
Issue Volume 5, Year 2013, Number 4
Pages 04005-1 - 04005-3
Title Structural, Dimensional and Thermoelectric Properties of Melt Spun p-Bi0,5Sb1,5Te3
Authors A.A. Melnikov, V.G. Kostishin, S.A. Kichik, V.V. Alenkov
Issue Volume 6, Year 2014, Number 3
Pages 03061-1 - 03061-4
Title The Melting of Cluster Systems and Nanoparticles Models Pair Potential with an Effective Potential Well
Authors G.A. Melnikov, N.M. Ignatenko, V.G. Melnikov, E.N. Cherkasov, O.A. Manzhos
Issue Volume 8, Year 2016, Number 3
Pages 03006-1 - 03006-4
Title Amplitude-time Characteristics of Switching in Thin Films of Cadmium Telluride
Authors М.G. Khrypunov, R.V. Zaitsev, D.A. Kudii, A.L. Khrypunova
Issue Volume 10, Year 2018, Number 1
Pages 01016-1 - 01016-5
Title Relation of Heat Transfer with the Growth Rate of InSb based Bulk Crystals Grown by VDS and its Effect on the Crystal Quality
Authors Dilip Maske, Manisha Deshpande, Dattatray Gadkari
Issue Volume 12, Year 2020, Number 2
Pages 02012-1 - 02012-5
Title Corrigendum to the Manuscript Entitled “Elastic, Optoelectronic and Thermal Properties of Boron Phosphide” [J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 5 No 4, 04061 (2013)]
Authors S. Daoud, N. Bioud,, L. Belagraa,, N. Lebga,
Issue Volume 14, Year 2022, Number 2
Pages 02030-1 - 02030-1