Assignment of Copyright Form

Articles are published only in English since 2019.

Assignment of Copyright Form is required together with the article manuscript.

By this document the authors confirm the originality and exclusivity of the article and that it does not infringe upon a copyright of any third party, and that it has not been submitted for consideration to any other journal. Also the Assignment of Copyright Form transfer to the Editorial board and Founders of the Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics non-exclusive licence for the full term of copyright for

  • publication of this article and distribution of printed copies;
  • distribution of electronic copies for all electronic media and formats (posting on the Journal’s official web-site, any e-print services and electronic databases or repositories).

While, the Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics Team permit the authors to distribute their copies (including electronic in final published Journal format) via

  • personal authors’ web-resources (web-sites, web-pages, blogs, etc.);
  • web-resources of the Institutions (including their repositories) where Authors worked when research for the Article was carried out;
  • noncommercial web-resources of open access (, and others similar e-print services).

In all cases the appropriative bibliographic citation or URL on this web-site must be included.

Also authors can use the Article (all or part) for the following purposes

  • research thesis or dissertation preparation;
  • make oral presentation and include a summary and/or highlights of it in papers distributed at such presentations or in conference proceedings;
  • any teaching materials preparation.

Assignment of Copyright Form submits together with the manuscript file via web interface.

Download the Blank of the Assignment of Copyright Form