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Title Thermal Reversible Breakdown and Resistivity Switching in Hafnium Dioxide
Authors M.A. Danilyuk, D.B. Migas, A.L. Danilyuk, V.E. Borisenko, X. Wu, N. Raghavan, K.L. Pey
Issue Volume 4, Year 2012, Number 1
Pages 01014-1 - 01014-3
Title Influence of the Substrate Temperature on the Size Distribution and Phase Composition of Ablated HfO2 Nanoparticles
Authors V.I. Panfilov, M.A. Pugachevskii, A.P. Kuzmenko, M.B. Dobromyslov
Issue Volume 7, Year 2015, Number 4
Pages 04099-1 - 04099-3