Guidelines for Author

Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics publishes papers, which have not been previously published and are not submitted for publication elsewhere, and which contain the original results of the experimental and theoretical investigations in the field of condensed matter physics, physical electronics, and investigations aimed at the development of mathematical methods of the processes and phenomena description in the specified fields as well.

Journal research area

  • physical properties of film and nanostructured materials;
  • physics of nanosized objects;
  • development of experimental investigation techniques in physics of condensed matter;
  • description methods of dynamical systems and nonequilibrium processes;
  • generation and propagation of microwave electromagnetic and optical radiation;
  • electron and ion beam physics.

Papers should be submitted in one of three languages: Ukrainian, English, or Russian.

Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics is the peer-reviewed journal. In the case of inadequacy of  manuscript preparation to the stated below requirements it will be returned back to authors for its improvement.

General Requirements to the Article's Manuscript

  1. Text of the manuscript should be logically bracketed, clearly expressed, and have a corresponding structure. Scientific style is required. Introduction should be brief but characterize the current state of a problem and motivate the relevance of the author's search. Obtained results and investigation methods should be explained and analyzed in the main sections of the manuscript. All numerical data should be presented in conventional units. Conclusions should be sound and contain the comparison of the obtained results with equivalents, recommendations about their applications, etc. Abstract and conclusions should not duplicate each other.
  2. Manuscript size: а) more than 12 pages for topical reviews; b) 5-10 pages for conventional problem-solution articles; c) 3 pages for research notes.
  3. For the authors from Ukraine, if have chosen one of the official languages, authors should specify the manuscript title, names of authors, affiliations, abstract and keywords (so-called metadata) in the same format in two other languages after the body text before references. If no one author do not belong to any Ukraine institutions, the Ukrainian metadata are not mandatory. If no one author do not belong to any of the institutions of any of the CIS Countries, the Russian metadata are also optional .
  4. Manuscript should contain in defined field the index(es) by the Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS) that specifies the object of investigation. The full list of PACS numbers is accessible for download in the Journal web site.

Technical requirements for the manuscript text

The manuscript should be typed using the word processor MS Word, the part of the office suite MS Office any version. For the manuscript preparation use the Journal template and follow all the requirements. MS Word template is accessible for download on the Journal web-site (download the template). All the necessary formatting is embedded in the template. Manuscript's  text  should be typed instead of text, given in the template as an example. Any consultation about the template may be got if send the corresponding inquiry to the Journal e-mail address. For simplification of the Journal issue preparation the submitted manuscripts should be designed using the above-mentioned template only. To start the manuscript preparation you should download the last version of the template.