An Improved SPICE Model for MEMS Based Capacitive Accelerometers

Автор(ы) C. Kavitha, M. Ganesh Madhan

Department of Electronics Engineering, Anna University, M.I.T Campus, 600 044 Chennai, India

Выпуск Том 5, Год 2013, Номер 2
Даты Получено 15.02.2013, в отредактированной форме – 29.04.2013, опубликовано online – 04.05.2013
Ссылка C. Kavitha, M. Ganesh Madhan, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 5 No 2, 02011 (2013)
PACS Number(s) 85.85. + jх
Ключевые слова Squeezed film, Capacitive accelerometer, Thermal effect, Damping, Electrical attractive force.
Аннотация An improved electrical equivalent circuit for a capacitive MEMS accelerometer, incorporating temperature, pressure and squeezed film effects is reported. The circuit model corresponds to a single degree of freedom (SDOF) vibrating system, including dominant micro physical mechanisms. Static, transient and frequency response analysis are carried out at temperature and pressure ranges of 100 K to 400 K and 30 to 3000 Pa respectively. The effect of these parameters on the resonance frequency, peak displacement and settling time of the accelerometer are determined. Simulations are performed using PSpice® circuit simulator.

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