Angular Distributions of Scattered Ne and Ar Ions at the Grazing Incidence on the InGaP (001) 110 Surface

Автор(ы) M.K. Karimov, U.O. Kutliev, K.U. Otabaeva, M.U. Otabaev

Urgench State University, 14, Khamid Olimjan St., Urgench 220100, Uzbekistan

Выпуск Том 12, Год 2020, Номер 5
Даты Received 23 March 2020; revised manuscript received 15 October 2020; published online 25 October 2020
Ссылка M.K. Karimov, U.O. Kutliev, K.U. Otabaeva, M.U. Otabaev, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 12 No 5, 05032 (2020)
PACS Number(s) 34.50. – s, 68.49.Sf
Ключевые слова Ion-solid interactions, Scattering (20) , Computer simulations.

In this paper, we report on measurements of angular distributions in grazing scattering of Ne and Ar ions incident along the 110 direction of the InGaP (001) surface. In our calculation, we used method of binary collision approximation. The specificity of the theoretical consideration of multiple scattering of ions by atoms on the surface of a solid, associated with the difficulty of describing the interaction of many particles, has led to the widespread use of methods for modeling the scattering process on the computer. Our calculations showed that changes in the fall of bombarding particles lead to a change in the angular distribution. The obtained results show that by the azimuthal scattering angle on the coordinate of the aiming point we observe some groups of scattered ions: from the surface atomic chain; between the bottom and the surface atomic chain; from the semichannel; from the bottom of the semichannel and the neighboring surface atomic chain; from the neighboring surface atomic chain. Also, it has been shown the dependence of characteristic trajectories on the type and initial energy of incident ions, geometric parameters of the surface. This result is very interesting for the study of surface of semiconductor material.

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