Synthesis and Characterization of BSLT–NZFO Multiferroic Composite

Автор(ы) D.S. Ghadage, S.G. Chavan, D.J. Salunkhe

Nanocomposite Laboratory, Department of Physics, Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Mahavidyalaya, 413304 Pandharpur, Solapur, India

Выпуск Том 12, Год 2020, Номер 2
Даты Received 13 February 2020; revised manuscript received 10 April 2020; published online 25 April 2020
Ссылка D.S. Ghadage, S.G. Chavan, D.J. Salunkhe, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 12 No 2, 02007 (2020)
PACS Number(s) 77.80. – e, 77.84. – s
Ключевые слова Hydroxide Co-precipitation, X-ray diffractogram, Dielectric Properties (6) , Magnetodielectric effect.

Magnetodielectric composites with composition (1 – y)Ba0.885Sr0.1La0.01TiO3 – yNi0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4(BSLT-NZFO) where y  0.2, 0.3, 0.4 have been prepared by Hydroxide Co-precipitation route followed by microwave sintering. The X-ray diffraction pattern of the composites shows the formation of cubic spinel structure for the ferromagnetic phase and tetragonal pervoskite structure for the ferroelectric phase. Scanning electron micrographs (SEM) were taken to understand the surface morphology, grain size and grain growth of the composite. Dielectric and magneto dielectric (MD) properties of the composites also investigated at room temperature with different frequencies.

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