Investigation of Micromechanical Properties of Thin Films of PbTe and PbSe

Автор(ы) Y.V. Tur1 , I.S. Virt1 , 2

1Drohobych State Pedagogical University, 3, Stryiska Str., 82100 Drohobych, Ukraine

2University of Rzeszow, 1, S. Pigon Str., 35310 Rzeszow, Poland

Выпуск Том 10, Год 2018, Номер 6
Даты Получено 31.09.2018; в отредактированной форме 07.12.2018; опубликовано online 18.12.2018
Ссылка Y.V. Tur, I.S. Virt, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 10 No 2, 06037 (2018)
PACS Number(s) 73.50.Lw, 84.60.Pb
Ключевые слова Atomic Force Microscopy (9) , Microhardness (2) , Nanoіdentаtion, Thin films (60) .

The nanocrystal and the elastic modulus of thin films of PbTe and PbSe on glass laminae have been investigated. Using the Oliver-Farr method, the hardness of thin films of PbTe and PbSe was determined at different film and substrate hardness ratios. It is found that the correct measurement of the elastic modulus of thin films by the Oliver-Farr's method is possible only when the film and the substrate have comparable elastic properties. To determine the modulus of elasticity of films with the help of a parameter, it is necessary that the film and substrate have similar values of both hardness and elastic modulus.

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