Hybrid Solar Generating Module Development for High-Efficiency Solar Energy Station

Автор(ы) R.V. Zaitsev1, M.V. Kirichenko1 , G.S. Khrypunov1 , D.S. Prokopenko1, L.V. Zaitseva2

1National Technical University «Kharkov Polytechnic Institute», 2, Kyrpychov Str., 61002 Kharkiv, Ukraine

2Zhukovsky National Aerospace University «Kharkiv Aviation Institute», 17, Chkalov St., 61000 Kharkiv, Ukraine

Выпуск Том 10, Год 2018, Номер 6
Даты Получено 19.09.2018; в отредактированной форме 07.12.2018; опубликовано online 18.12.2018
Ссылка R.V. Zaitsev, M.V. Kirichenko, G.S. Khrypunov, et al., J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 10 No 6, 06017 (2018)
DOI https://doi.org/10.21272/jnep.10(6).06017
PACS Number(s) 68.55.Jk, 68.47.Fg
Ключевые слова Silicon solar cells, Working temperature, Efficiency (24) , Diode and output parameters, Cooling system, Concentration (6) .

Experimentally established, the influence of the working temperature and solar radiation power on the efficiency of industrial production silicon solar cells. Based on the experimental results designed the concept of a hybrid solar generating module equipped with a mirror concentrator of solar radiation and solar cells cooling system for using in high-performance solar energy station. Concentrator of solar radiation provides in 1.5-time increase of electrical power generating by such module, and water-cooling system can reduce the equilibrium temperature of the module up to 10 degrees and twice reduce efficiency losses from solar cells overheating. The proposed concept will reduce the number of modules needed to build solar energy station.

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