Refinement Analysis using the Rietveld Method of Nd1.2Fe1O3 Oxide Material Synthesized by Solid-State Reaction

Автор(ы) E.H. Sujiono, A.C.M. Said, M.Y. Dahlan, R.A. Imran, S. Samnur

Laboratory of Materials Physics, Department of Physics, Universitas Negeri Makassar, Makassar, Indonesia

Выпуск Том 10, Год 2018, Номер 2
Даты Получено 11.11.2017; в отредактированной форме 28.04.2018; опубликовано online 29.04.2018
Ссылка E.H. Sujiono, A.C.M. Said, M.Y. Dahlan, et al., J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 10 No 2, 02034 (2018)
PACS Number(s) 61.05.cp, 74.62.Bf, 81.05.Bx,
Ключевые слова Annealing time (2) , The Lattice constant, Solid-state reaction, The Rietveld method.

Neodymium Ferrite Oxide (Nd1.2FeO3) has been successfully synthesized using solid state reaction by varying annealing time. Structural crystallographic characteristics were obtained by X-ray diffraction. The results of X-ray diffraction analysis showed the samples had been identified composed of NdFeO3 and Nd2O3 phase, with peak dominant correspond to hkl (121), FWHM value of 0.22° and estimated crystal size of 393 nm. Analysis using Rietveld methods obtained Nd1.2FeO3 oxide material has a crystal structure is orthorhombic with space-group of PNMA. The results are comparable as was reported elsewhere that the oxide material is useful for gas sensor application.

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