The Influence of Laser Irradiation and Ultrasound on the Structure, Surface Condition and Electrical Properties of TiS2/C Composites

Автор(ы) I.M. Budzulyak , L.S. Yablon , R.V. Ilnytskyi, O.V. Morushko , O.M. Hemiy

Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, 57, Shevchenko Str., 76018 Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

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Выпуск Том 10, Год 2018, Номер 2
Даты Получено 13.11.2017; опубликовано online 29.04.2018
Ссылка I.M. Budzulyak, L.S. Yablon, R.V. Ilnytskyi, et al., J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 10 No 2, 02016 (2018)
PACS Number(s) 81.05.Rm, 81.05.Uw, 81.16. ± c, 81.40.Wx
Ключевые слова Composite (41) , Tungsten disulphide, Nanoporous carbon (3) , Laser irradiation, Ultrasonic dispersion, Conductivity (37) .

The structure, morphology and electroconductive properties of TiS2/C composite irradiated with laser and ultrasound are investigated in this work. It has been established that the conductivity of TiS2/C ( 50/50 composite obtained by ultrasonic dispersion in acetonitrile at room temperature is 290 (Оhm∙m) – 1, which is in 106 higher than that value for pure titanium disulfide under the same conditions.

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