Defects in Graphene Nanoribbons and Flakes: Influence on the Conductivity

Автор(ы) N.N. Konobeeva

Volgograd State University, 400062 Volgograd, Russia

Выпуск Том 9, Год 2017, Номер 5
Даты Получено 15.06.2017, в отредактированной форме – 08.08.2017, опубликовано online – 16.10.2017
Ссылка N.N. Konobeeva, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 9, No 5, 05049 (2017)
DOI 10.21272/jnep.9(5).05049
PACS Number(s) 61.72. J –, 73.22.Pr
Ключевые слова Stone-Wales defect (3) , Vacancy (6) , Graphene structures, Conductivity (43) .
Аннотация In this paper, we investigate the influence of topological defects in a crystal lattice of a graphene nanoscale and graphene flakes on their conductivity. By the direct Hamiltonian diagonalization for the graphene electrons, we obtain the density of states, which was recalculated into a tunneling current between the graphene nanoribbon and the contacting material (metal, quantum dots). We observe the effect of the defect type and its location on the tunnel current characteristics.

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