Basic Principles of Betavoltaic Elements and Prospects of their Development

Автор(ы) A.A. Davydov, Ye.N. Fyodorov, D.S. Kiselev, A.V. Popkova

Federal State Unitarian Enterprise “Scientific Industrial Association Scientific Research Institute “LUCH”, 24, Zheleznodorozhnaya st., 142100 Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia

Выпуск Том 8, Год 2016, Номер 3
Даты Получено 04.05.2016, опубликовано online – 03.10.2016
Ссылка A.A. Davydov, Ye.N. Fyodorov, D.S. Kiselev, A.V. Popkova, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 8 No 3, 03049 (2016)
DOI 10.21272/jnep.8(3).03049
PACS Number(s) 73.30. + y, 73.40. – c
Ключевые слова Direct conversion of nuclear energy into electrical energy, Radionuclide, Nickel-63, Schottky barrier (8) , Rectifying heterostructure.
Аннотация The basic technical principles and means of increase in betavoltaitic elements effectiveness have been analyzed by comparing with their closest analogue – photoelectric semiconductor converters. The geometric parameters of radiation sources for these elements and their capacities have been estimated. It is shown the radiation source 63Ni foil thickness should not exceed a few micrometers, and maximum energy conversion efficiency can achieve ~ 16 %.

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