Study of the Optical Properties and Structure Zinc Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Spin Coating Technique

Автор(ы) Said Benramache1 , Boubaker Benhaoua2

1 Material Sciences Department, Faculty of Science, University of Biskra, Biskra 070000, Algeria

2 VTRS Laboratory, Institute of Technology, University of El-Oued, El-Oued 39000, Algeria

Выпуск Том 8, Год 2016, Номер 3
Даты Получено 12.04.2016, опубликовано online – 03.10.2016
Ссылка Said Benramache, Boubaker Benhaoua, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 8 No 3, 03014 (2016)
DOI 10.21272/jnep.8(3).03014
PACS Number(s) 77.55.hf, 81.20.Fw
Ключевые слова ZnO (71) , Thin film (101) , Precursor molarity, Sol-Gel technique.
Аннотация We investigated the structural and optical properties of zinc oxide (ZnO) thin film as the n-type semiconductor. In this work, the sol–gel method used to fabricate ZnO thin film on glass substrate at different solution molarities of 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 mol/l of zinc acetate dehydrate. The DRX analyses indicated that the coated ZnO films exhibit an hexagonal structure wurtzite and (002) oriented with the maximum value of crystallite size G  69.32 nm is measured wi 0.5 mol/l. The thin film exhibit an average optical transparency is over 80 % at high molarity, in the visible region, found that the optical band gap energy was increased up to 3.25 eV at 0.5 mol/l. The minimum value of Urbach energy of ZnO thin film was achieved with 0.5 mol/l.

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