Influence of Magnetic Pulseprocessing on Oxide Materials Physics and Mechanical Properties

Автор(ы) M.N. Shipko1 , V.V. Korovushkin2, A.V. Smagina2, V.G. Kostishyn2, L.V. Kozhitov

1 Ivanovo Branch of the Russian Economic University .G.V. Plekhanov, 53, Dzerginskogo Str., Ivanovo, Russia

2 National research technological University «MISIS», 4, Leninskiy Pr., 119049 Moscow, Russia

Выпуск Том 6, Год 2014, Номер 3
Даты Получено 19.05.2014, в отредактированной форме – 02.07.2014, опубликовано online – 15.07.2014
Ссылка M.N. Shipko, V.V. Korovushkin, A.V. Smagina, et al., J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 6 No 3, 67 (2014)
PACS Number(s) 62.20. – x
Ключевые слова Magnetic pulse processing, Low-frequency field, Hardening (5) , Defects (11) , Vacancies (4) , Dislocations (2) , MÖssbauer spectroscopy (3) , Porosimetry.
Аннотация Internal stresses, specific single-crystal blocks, stoichiometric impurity of oxides composition and other factors lead to low strength properties of ferromagnetic iron oxides. Weakening of such defects and increasing iron oxides microhardness, their fracture and mechanic strength are possible by using magnetic pulse processing. The results of experimental studies of the magnetic pulse field effecting on the iron oxides strength properties are shown. Mössbauer spectroscopy, porosimetry, X-ray structure analysis are used to find the mechanisms of this effect. The strength properties change is the result of set of microscopic and quantum effects superposition. It provides easy defects restructuring of solids: vacancies, dislocations, voids.

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