Analyze of Microstructure of Composition Material Al-Si-Fe System

Автор(ы) V.A. Andreyachshenko1, A.B. Naizabekov2, V.V. Bassov1

1 Karaganda state industrial university, 30, Republic, Av., 101400 Temirtau, Republic of Kazakhstan

2 Rudny industrial institute, 38, 50 let Oktyabrya Str., 111500 Rudny, Republic of Kazakhstan

Выпуск Том 6, Год 2014, Номер 3
Даты Получено 19.05.2014, опубликовано online – 15.07.2014
Ссылка V.A. Andreyachshenko, A.B. Naizabekov, V.V. Bassov, J. Nano- Electron. Phys. 6 No 3, 03007 (2014)
PACS Number(s) 81.20.Ev
Ключевые слова Composition Material, AL-SI-FE, Microstructure (21) , Al8Fe2Si, Mechanical Activation, Thermal Activation.
Аннотация In this work describe new method receipt composition material AL-SI-FE system. For describe the composition material used the method of power metallurgical. As source material are used technically pure Al and Si, as well as steel 1008. Source powder mingled from correlation 59 %Al-9 %Si-32 %Fe. 2 stage compaction with mechanical and thermal activation ensure produce composition material without crack and void. After baking speed cooling allows to suppress turning the phase Al8Fe2Si in phase Al9Fe2Si2. The microstructure sample was study by scanning electronic microscope. On microstructure is seen that sample has a no rifts and voids that will provide high values of the mechanical properties.

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